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RCH is Your Co-Branding Solution

Your visitor’s first impression impacts their decision to become a customer. Co-Branding with RCH allows you to refresh your image with the industry recognized Remote Control Hobbies brand or maintain your store's identity with a customized logo that incorporates both brands. 

Co-Branding = $2,500 set-up + 3 year advertising contract.

  • Use of industry recognized trademarked logo, drawing customers to your store with a name they trust.
  • Design of custom logo that maintains your store's unique identity.
  • Design of your external and internal store signage and apparel.
  • Impress your customers with the modern look and feel of an RC Hobbies store. 
Advertising Package = $5,000/year ($96.15 /week)
Our in-house advertising program is fine tuned to the hobby industry and targets the customers you want to reach in your geographic area. This program is designed to draw in new customers while keeping your current customers engaged. Horizon Hobby's HCP+ participants are eligible to receive redemption credit up to 75% of their advertising costs.
  •      Store Webpage and Business email address
  •      Facebook Advertising
  •      Google Paid Advertising
  •      Monthly Newsletter Distribution   
  •      Monthly and annual reporting of advertising metrics.
Additional Services
Our in-house bookkeeping and payroll team is here to free up time so you can run your business more efficiently and spend more time doing what you enjoy. 

Bookkeeping Services = $59/week (with Bill Pay = $69/week + 0.49/xfr, 1.49/ck)

  • Subscription and access to QuickBooks online software.
  • Set-up of account information into QuickBooks online software.
  • Entry and classification of account transactions.
  • Reconciliation of account balances.
  • Prepare bills for e-pay (with Bill Pay).
  • Monthly and annual P&L reports

Payroll Services = $99/mo (bi-monthly payroll), $149/mo (weekly payroll)

  • Set-up of W2 and 1099 employees.
  • Entry of employee hours.
  • Run payroll, direct deposit or e-check.
  • File and pay payroll taxes.
  • Annual payroll reports.
  • Printing a delivery of W2's.